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Building trust and software since 2021
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Dream of Who Am I
The future will be illuminated by laughter due to a groundbreaking psychological system that predicts humor is set to revolutionize our world, connecting people with shared comedic sensibilities over a casual beer, creating joyous gatherings and fostering an atmosphere of positivity, camaraderie, and endless fun. Beta version is live an well. Welcome to try and enjoy it

Procrastination 2 Flow
Introducing the key to a joyous and accomplished future – our groundbreaking solution empowers you to triumph over extreme procrastination, unlocking a world where productivity meets happiness, and every task conquered becomes a celebration of success and fulfillment.
Popular choice of people who work a lot in front of a computer.

What the Miners Deserve
Say goodbye to unwanted disruptions and hello to blissful computing with our revolutionary solution!
Our product swiftly identifies and eradicates cryptojacking software, restoring the joy of a quiet and smoothly running computer, ensuring your CPU fan is no longer a source of annoyance but a symbol of peace and optimal performance.

Katten teaches Photoshoping Infamy: Trolling with speed and aggression (On Udemy)
Katten teaches Photoshoping Infamy: Trolling with speed and aggression (On Thinkific)
It it our first course to get some free publicity. It is a slow burner and well worth it in the end. Really funny... if you like online trolling :)
It is pretty much Katten making photoshopped images and getting banned from social media.

Katten is on Twitter (currently not banned)
Katten is on Twitter and talking shit, sometimes drunk. Hey, cats will be cats... That is one way of contacting us.
Personal Jesus AB has other social media accounts, but they are not as active and we get banned from time to time, for no fault of our own. Promise!